Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat

9 Dec


Zi Germans are back with a new album and I’d kill to see Modselektor live- this is my morning music… imagine if I made it my taking-a-shit-music(ach mein gott!)

Click the underlined names and we’ll send you to the artist’s Myspace.



For me Apparat fails to disappoint – solid.



Moderat really combos the essence of what these artists are, listening to the alum is comparable to eating a pbnj – flavors wholly unique whilst remaining distinct unto themselves.

Nr. 22 is a great upbeat minimal track. One rarely hears an electronic album that pulls as hard as this across the board- most are usually hit or miss. There is not one song that I could do without accept maybe BeatsWaySick – I really really like the concept but I felt the implementation was poor- vocals are just too thematic. I really like these guys so I’m not posting any tracks up for free I know this blog has a habit of that- I think its fine with the bigger artists (call it tax) but these smaller guys in the game just have so much more honesty in what and for what they do when they do what they do- yur me?.

01. New Error
02. Rusty Nails
03. Seamonkey
04. Slow Match
05. 3 Minutes Of
06. Nasty Silence
07. Sick With It
08. Porc#1
09. Porc#2
10. No. 22
11. Out of Sight


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