High Supply: new Cashis, classic Devin

7 Dec

Hot new jam/vid from Cashis’ Euthanasia LP, and can you guess what its about? yurp, schmokin. Songs dedicated to weed are tricky; they too easily become cliche or just straight up retarded. The trick is to do something like what Cashis does here… create a super-smooth beat out of some synth and breezy vocals, set a nice slow tempo with jingly bells and finger snaps (don’t forget to turn the echo on), and lace it with some sleepy wordplay:

this is it; you can play it while you’re grindin with your woman, or you’re riding with your homies with your woofers cookin somethin…

DL: High Az Fucc – Cashis

An oldie from Devin’s 2002 release Just Tryin’ ta Live that I have to thank DP for sending my way a few weeks back… I had a couple laid back tracks from Devin previous, but this one is by far the most chillin… producer DJ Premier brings some slow bass, twangly guitar, and great vocal harmonies in the chorus, makin this one a perfect ‘joint’ for the tail end of a long night.

DL: Doobie Ashtray – Devin the Dude


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