Beaucoup Money

3 Dec

From the sound of it, lil wayne’s rock album was a huge mistake… but then again, we knew it would be. the cover pic is great though, and there’s atleast one good track on there. its a rap song (thank god) called Fix My Hat,  and it thumps pretty hard. the beat’s simple and old-school, lots of bass n high hats, and wayne takes his time making it good and durty.

Fix My Hat – Lil Wayne

Apart from weezy, the rest of Young Money has been makin moves too. If you downloaded No Ceilings, there’s a track playing in the background of the first skit with a distinct sample from Whitney Houston’s Always Love You. It’s from Young Money rapper Gudda Gudda’s mixtape Guddaville, and it features fellow Young Money talent Nicki Minaj and Short Dawg. Not the most original use of Whitney’s classic, but its enough to carry a few memorable lines from wayne’s crew.

Always Love You (ft. Nicki Minaj and Short Dawg) – Gudda Gudda

I know, I know, enough goddamn lil wayne already. No need for the pouty faces though hipsters. afterall, weezy wears skinny jeans too. above is the trailer for the documentary The Carter, this year’s Sundance sensation that follows wayne through the making and release of his album Tha Carter III. i pre-ordered the DVD in mid-November and something went wrong with paypal, so I ended up getting it for free on the net yesterday (i tried, right?). in short, the documentary sucks. i was looking forward to off the wall antics, hilarious quotes and perhaps a perspective on wayne that would make others see that he’s not just offensive nonsense. but his inability to sit through most of the interviews, let alone comprehend what’s going on around him in each scene is disappointing more than it is funny. due to this lack of substance, the filmmakers are forced to rely heavily on simply replaying weezy’s hits with captions underneath… which, if you’ve already heard the songs, is pretty yawn-worthy. i knew wayne was a dumbass, but his endless stream of pop culture-savvy, sexually explicit rhymes always suggested that there was some kind of genius hidden in there. if anything, this documentary might prove otherwise.


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