Only The Very Best

29 Oct

Johan Hugo of Radioclit and The Very Best produced the above track with terry lynn. there’s a whole free EP floating somewhere on the net if you’re interested. there are a few goodies on there, but the single is the best (mp3 below). its a good party jam and the electro-reggae dancehall fusion is pretty fresh even if the whole MIA wannabe thing isn’t. my other favorite track here would be the Very Best track with Kano, Julia. at first the chorus sounds too sunny for the dirty synth bass and atonal blips and scrapes but it grows on you and ultimately makes the song a keeper. the british rap of Kano is obviously lacking at points, but it helps the sound, and you just gotta love his promise to “never Chris Brown” his girl: a true gentleman.

Jamaican Girls – Terry Lynn and Johan Hugo
It Was Written – Terry Lynn and J.H.
Julia (feat. Kano) – The Very Best
Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig) – The Very Best


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