Two Fresh

28 Oct

Two Fresh

CMJ was a week of music madness in New York, with an overabundance of activities to amuse oneself with.  With plenty of venues in the city and its surrounding areas; clubs, bars, and concert halls were rife with up and coming artists.  Perfect for concert hopping and new discoveries, I set out to explore the city and listen to some new tunes.  A rainy Friday night led me to the Studio at Webster Hall.  Still early, there were only a few people at the bar, leaving the dance floor open to a non-existent crowd.  Despite the lack of eager concert-goers, Two Fresh blew out the eardrums of whoever was present.  Eyeball rattling bass filled the room, and their vaguely familiar samples added an air of nostalgia.  These twin brothers, Sherwyn and Kendrick Nicholls, accompanied by drummer Colby Buckler, put on an a diverse show.  Their multi-genre music combined elements from hip-hop, dub, electro, jazz, and others.  Chopped up vocals, ethereal synths, combined with sinister basslines made for ultimate enjoyment.  And although their recordings are lacking the versatility of Buckler (he only performs with them live), they are very much worth checking out.  Their album is called Bakers Dozen, and as the title suggests, has 13 tracks that merge many facets of music.  Here are just a few:

Rice Branch – Two Fresh

Goodwins Out – Two Fresh

You Are Too – Two Fresh


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