Girls I Do Adore

15 Oct


the colder it gets, the more i want summer back. perhaps that’s why ive been enjoying Girls so much. theyre a lo-fi rock outfit from San Francisco (two boys actually) whose debut LP has been getting a lot of press lately. titled Album (get it?), Girls’ debut is a raw-sounding journey back to the roots of care-free cali rock n roll. one might describe it as a fitting soundtrack to super 8 surf videos from the 60s? musically, it is not special. but the analog crunch and twang is charming enough to make up for that. the vocals as well are unremarkable, yet they’re honesty reminds us what rock music is supposed to be about: smokin drugs, soakin up sunshine with pretty girls, and dancing all night like you just don’t give a fuck. this honesty is probably the most appealing thing about Girls. they aren’t trying to be anything but the wild-child lo-fi rockers they are.

if you want to read more about Girls, they’re currently all over the place. FADER did an article that would probably be a close runner-up to this post. some tracks for sampling are below.

Lust for Life – Girls
Hellhole Ratrace – Girls
Summertime – Girls


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