eli escobar, remix kingpin

28 Sep


summer’s only been over for a week and I already can’t wait until June. perhaps if we keep playing dance beats, we wont notice the cold? doubtful. regardless, i’m posting on eli escobar because he’s a good dj / producer who’s been quietly putting out quality edits for a while now. a new york native, he’s a lifelong fan of hip hop, RnB, disco, and pretty much whatever else, and he specializes in turning genre classics into club bangers. maybe his basslines will keep us warm for a bit longer? hmmm

i’ve assembled a shortlist of eli escobar favorites below. his mix of Acidlife by Nacho Lovers was all over the ‘best of 2008’ lists last year, but my favorite is his edit of Shoulda Let You Go. if youre interested in reading more about escobar, check out this interview, or go to his blog Outside Broadcast. also, don’t forget to watch the video for his new single Glass House. its epic.

I Feel Alive (Eli Escobar Remix) – 33Hz
Acidlife (Eli Escobar Remix) – Nacho Lovers
Shoulda Let You Go (Eli’s Put Echo On Everything remix) – Keyshia Cole
Stand Back (Eli Escobar Disco Mix) – Stevie Nicks


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