Sound Inside A Vacuum

23 Sep

floating points

You’re hungry for something chilled and sweet like ice cream, so you are tearing through tracks, tossing songs over your shoulder one after another, giving fewer and fewer seconds to each intro, starting to get desperate, beginning to generalize something like “Mannnn music is really getting terribly plain and repetitive these days.”

Then you begin playing something from someone you’ve never heard of before, and you give it a few seconds, and then a few seconds more, and a few more, and you realize all these creamy layers are stacked right in front of you.

You start to feel lighter. Your expression is brightening. There’s a smile being scrawled across your face.

Hey, listen, there is even a cherry mounted on top.

That was sorta my experience with Floating Points. He’s a London based composer making electronic music from another planet.

Vacuum Boogie – Floating Points (mp3)

Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) – Floating Points (mp3)

After The Rain (Floating Points remix) – Little Dragon (mp3)

K&G beat – Floating Points (mp3)

J&W beat – Floating Points (mp3)

All mp3 linx removed at the request of Eglo Records. Have a listen at Floating Points’ myspace page (link above^^^).


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