4 Sep


Dubtribe Sound System is the ideal house act. My reasoning? Well, the members of Dubtribe are named Sunshine and Moonbeam. Their first gig was a rent party. They gained notoriety putting on live shows that lasted for hours, long before the days of double-click, computerized DJ sets. They employed a variety of African and Latin percussionists from show to show. They played to play, refusing financial support from anything with an outside interests. They even brought their own lights! They were simply musicians inspired by the holy act of dancing and the sometimes overwhelming display of different sizes and shapes moving on the floor in harmony.

Unfortunately, Dubtribe Sound System is no longer together as a performing act. However, tomorrow is special. After six years, Dubtribe is coming back together for a performance in DC. Although this show isn’t incredibly accessible, it signifies a return to music for Sunshine and Moonbeam. Maybe this one-time show will blossom into something more? Pray to the God of dance, my disciples of groove.

Rhythm In Your Mind – Dubtribe Sound System

Nothing Is Impossible – Dubtribe Sound System

Do It Now – Dubtribe Sound System


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