the boundary waters

13 Aug

trego sunset

a sunset in northern minnesota makes all sense of time disappear. far from the hustle of choked up city avenues, the air is soft and still. the lakes run deep, and the water is pure and icy cold. on the surface, big skies reflect the dying embers of daylight, which slowly fade to deep blue. soon, there will be more stars in the sky than i can count. a passing loon lets a out a call that fills me up like a happy memory. at this moment, i don’t know whether i am lost or i am found. i guess either one will do.

Open the Light – Boards of Canada

In Our Nature – Jose Gonzalez

Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) – Brian Eno

Kao-Tic Harmony – rhythim is rhythim

Tiny Birds – Yo La Tengo

The Disconnect – Tycho

Careful Where You Stand – Coldplay


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