Cleveland Goods

13 Aug


The Kickdrums are talented hip-hop producers, samplers, electro-garageband instrumentalists, and myspace page creators. They’re a duo, Tilla and Fitts, a DJ/producer and singer/songwriter who come together to create a sound that fuses slick vocal hooks, crunchy, steady beats and whatever they need to set the mood they choose.

There isn’t much repetition with The Kickdrums. Not only does every new track sound different from the others, but they remix and compile too, making potential hits outta whatever they can get their hands on. I figure they’re just bored, constantly looking for something new to do. Makes sense. They’re from Cleveland. Even Lebron’s at home, prolly shootin’ free throws.

Get Even (F. Colin Munroe) – The Kickdrums

Just A Game – The Kickdrums

Nothing To Worry About (Kickdrums Remix) – Peter Bjorn & John f. Wale, Young Chris and Rhymefest

Also, here’s the mixtape that put The Kickdrums’ name on the map.


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