Easy Maths

7 Aug


Here’s a simple enough equation for ya:

Weird Tapes = Memory Cassette = Memory Tapes

Finally, lo-fi “hybrid” Memory Tapes has put out his 12” singles EP. Dayve Hawk (actual spelling) had more than the usual bit of trouble finally deciding on an alias. Or maybe his multiple projects are simply one brilliant hype ploy. Either way, his track “Bicycle” has been floating dreamily from site to site for more than a week or so, and it’s got just about every reviewer granting glowing praise.

All the approval is well-deserved. At times what you hear can feel repetative, but the song is ultimately patient and mesmeric, adding layer after colorful layer. As you’d expect, “Bicycle” takes you somewhere. You’ll have no idea where you’ve been until the song is over, and you might have a hard time describing what the trip was like, but you‘ll be more than satisfied by the end.

(I am not putting up the other two tracks from the EP. If you like an artist, support ‘em yourself.)

Bicycle – Memory Tapes

Party Trash – Weird Tapes

Home – Weird Tapes

Last One Awake – Memory Cassette

Sleep on the Roof – Memory Cassette


One Response to “Easy Maths”

  1. drew 08/18/2009 at 10:24 am #

    lovin memory cassette right now. did you see the new videos? http://weirdtapes.blogspot.com/ august 12 entry

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